Welcome to All Saints’ 50th Anniversary Blog!

Easter Day 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of when our current church building was completed.  We are celebrating by holding all sorts of special events during the 50 days this year between Easter (16th April) and Pentecost (4th June).

We thought it would be fun to write a blog during those 50 days, both as a record of our festivities, and also to celebrate all those who contribute to the life of our church in so many ways.

All Saints’ is our local Church of England parish church, set in the heart of its community.  We are bound together with strong, close ties of fellowship in the love of Christ. Many of us have been worshipping at this church for many years.  Some of us were married, baptised or confirmed in the church and some of us have grown up coming here, week by week.  Others of us attend less often, participating in occasional, special services or coming for Youth Group,  Messy Church or the Hard of Hearing Group, for example.  And still others enjoy a more loose connection with the church, using the church hall for their various activities or hosting their choir practice in the church.

However much you are involved in the life of All Saints’ or not, welcome to this blog! We hope you will enjoy this snapshot of our church.



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