Easter 3: Messy Easter – the story of the cross and the stone

I went to Messy Church at All Saints’ on Easter Saturday.  It was very different!

To start with it wasn’t in the church building.  It started in the hall where there were all sorts of what I thought were fun activities for all ages.  Families arrived together and built a cross, or an Easter garden together and really seemed to enjoy themselves!

Later we all went into the Garden of Remembrance round the side of the church, sang songs, showed off the two big crosses- one enormous in cardboard – the other in “stained glass”, and heard from Pippa about the meaning of Easter.  Finally after a prayer or two we went to plant some bulbs – we won’t know what they are till they come up!

Back in the hall we shared a really nice meal and went home!

I have to tell you why I loved it so much.  I was a leader, the leader even, in All Saints’ Sunday School for quite a few years, and year after year we failed to “do” Easter satisfactorily!  It’s SO important, so central to what we believe, and I don’t think I ever managed to teach the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection to the children – not in a practical & telling way!

Schools broke up for Easter.  People went away.  No Sunday School for the holidays!

So we used to try to teach it beforehand!

Somehow Mothering Sunday or Palm Sunday or both got in the way.  Afterwards wasn’t satisfactory either, Easter was over.

So it was just wonderful to be part of a celebration that focussed on the cross and the stone that was rolled from the tomb!  And happily – families celebrating together!  Wonderful – an answer to long ago prayer!



On this Easter themed Messy Church, there was lots of stations to do with the Last Supper and the Easter Story.

The stations were making an Easter Cross, making a small version of the last supper, painting with marbles, making cross boxes, making an Easter card.  I gave my cross to my grand parents.  There was a big 8 feet cross made by 2 helpers (Simon M and Andy) helped by Emily M, Emily B, Charlie, Maddie and me.

There was music too!  This was led by Liz, Amber, Charlie and Maddie, Emily B and me.  We sang Lord I Lift Your Name On High and I’m A Friend of God.

We collected little crosses and stones from the Church garden that represented the crucifixion and the resurrection.

After the service we all have a meal together, where we had a pasta bake made by Annie.  Before we ate, we shared bread and a drink.  I hid the Easter eggs for the hunt afterwards too.

It was good fun and I look forward to every Messy Church.  Thank you to everyone who arranges Messy Church including the service, music, food, and activities.

Ellie, aged 12


At All Saints’, Messy Church has been going on for a long time now. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one. I feel it has been a great way to invite people of all ages to church to learn in a fun and enjoyable way. The different activities of arts and crafts and the music involved make it especially appealing.

One of the main things that I like about Messy Church is that every time I go I bring home something. I keep that something since it always reminds me of what we learnt on that particular week.

Another reason that I think it is more appealing to other people is due to its more relaxed approach towards worship. Messy Church is a great place to talk to other people about worship and to think. I always look forward to it.

Maddie, aged 11







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