Psalm reflections – A smile on my face

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Last Wednesday, Dave’s fortnightly house group met, as usual at Mary’s house for a delicious home-cooked meal followed by discussion about faith.

The group have recently been reading the Psalms and Dave had set them the task of either writing a psalm or something inspired by a psalm.  A few members of the group have kindly agreed to share their responses with us, which forms the basis of this set of blog posts…

Here is Lesley’s contribution:

A Smile on my Face

You got to wake up every morning
With a smile on your face
And show the world
All the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You will find – yes you will
That you’re beautiful
As you feel.

Carole King 1970s

Thank you creator of the morning
Sun shining through the window
A smile on my face
I praise you
I ask you for a sober day
I ask you for the power and courage to carry out your will for me
Just for today

Thank you for the ups and downs
The downtimes when I reach out for you
Making everything alright
Every time in your time.

You are my reason for being
Help me on this exciting journey to deepen my faith
To continue to get out of self
To do your will

To listen in the silence of the night
To listen to your messages
Which come constantly from
People, places and things
From colour, softness and freshness
From sweet words
The sweetness of blue hyacinth
The heady, overwhelming love from my children and friends.

Help the cynics see
The negatives be positive
The judgemental be non-judgemental
Help me keep it simple
See the beauty of Simplicity and…
Keep that smile on my face forever.





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