May Day Pilgrimage – Anticipation

Monday, May 1st


Every first May Bank Holiday the church goes on a walk, which they rather grandly call a “pilgrimage”.  Last year it was “they” who went on a pilgrimage, with me simply joining them.  But this year it will be “we” are going on a pilgrimage. Why the difference?

Well, last year “they “ were joined on the walk by members of Friends International and international students from the university and I was one of the Friends International team of helpers.  Then during the week following the walk I decided that as I lived in the area perhaps God was telling me that I should join this church and become an active member.

Going on a walk with a load of lovely strangers can be life-changing!  I can remember walking with Alan and Amber, Simon and Tony and no doubt others, and thinking that perhaps I could, indeed maybe I should, join this part of this God’s church in Guildford.

And that is what happened. So today I would have been going on the walk again, sorry pilgrimage, but this time, not as a guest, but as a member of the All Saints church family. But sadly, however, I had a fall 10 days ago and will not be walking.

But even though I cannot walk with you I will join you for lunch. “Thank you” family for being such a welcoming community.


Below are some photos from past All Saints’ pilgrimages.
(RIP dear friends Heather, Edith and Geoff)

Edith, Heather etc

Mayors&Pilgrimage 024

Mayors&Pilgrimage 055

Mayors&Pilgrimage 056


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