Celebrating Baptism

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Today I think I truly witnessed what it’s like to be is the presence of the Light of the World.  Surrounded by our friends and family celebrating a milestone of the 50 years of our church. We are truly blessed.  Especially today as we welcome those baptized at All Saints past and present.

Our service today was all about baptism.  My daughter, Ellie was baptized at All Saints 12 years ago and so it was a very special service for us.


Ellie’s post-baptism party, 12 years ago…


The all age service was full of activities, a wonderful band and fabulous songs.

Songs we sang:
Come people of the risen King
My Jesus My Saviour
Light of the World
We are marching
This little light of mine ( with actions. See Here for Youtube version)
Shine Jesus Shine (with lots of flag-waving!)
Men of faith

During the service there was some dubious acting courtesy of Linda and me, narrated very well by Emily B with the divine words from James B as the Holy Spirit.


The drama told the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch from Acts 8

We gathered around the font to say our baptism vows with Beverly and Pippa anointing us with the sign of the cross.  A truly special moment.

Prayer stations were wonderfully prepared by members of our congregation to reflect upon what it means to be baptized and walking in the light of the Lord.

We were even able to sign a book to remember we were at church on this special day.

We’ve so much to look forward to this month with a service about marriage vows next week, a confirmation service and a celebration day on 4th June.

A very special thanks to everyone who planned today’s service.  It was a wonderful time with so much thought put into preparing it.

Peace be with you all.


Special candles were given out – made from last year’s recycled paschal candle


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