The Handed Down

 Clare is from Busbridge and Hambledon Church.  As part of her Licensed Lay Reader training, she came to do a short placement at All Saints’ which finished at Easter – sadly, just at the beginning of our special 50-day celebration!
Hello All Saints’ – I miss you!
I had a wonderful experience in my placement with you between Christmas and Easter: a real blessing.  Congratulations on your first 50 years and God bless you in all your ministry and mission.  I want to give you a little something and thought you might like to read this poem I wrote a while ago about Jesus. Sending my Love to you all.
Clare xxx

The Handed Down

The Maker Earthed me to the ground
Out of the Timeless Place to the Heart Beat one
He dropped me in it: Literally!
Handed me down to…. Earthlings
Birthed me through creatures that walk in dust.

For forty weeks I swam in a woman’s womb
Till a storm swelled up and propelled me forward
And, breath-fuelled, I cried aloud
Light arched into my now open eyes
Exposed to the Fall   I ….. hungered
And lips parted by my mother’s breast
I became replete: humanity complete
And she handed me up for Blessing
The God-babe commissioned.

The Baptiser dunked me:
Invited to my own party I wallowed in the Jordan
And wordlessly blessed John for his obedience
His part in the Creator’s salvation plan

The Chiseller shaped me
The man with strong hands guided me
Outrageously solid, perpetually kind
The table he carved held wine and bread and lamb: the tastes of Heaven .
The Creator shaped me too, by His Spirit
To speak of His Kingdom and His Love
To throw a line in blood
To BE the tastes of Heaven:
Bread and lamb: word and deed

The Twelve – what can I say?  Were mortal!
They followed and followed and heard the word
From the mouth of the Word, and yet
Did not quite get it
At supper they drank my wine
I loved them deeply
I would be with them always, even to the end of the Age

Bound, gagged and caught in thorns
Dragging the planks of derision
Uncovered and pierced
Raised between thieves
The one Yahweh handed down
Strung up and mocked
I chose to do my Father’s will
Into His hands I entrusted my spirit
Into an eternity of forgiveness I lifted YOU

A word in your ear:
I am with you always
I dwell in you: Spirit, wind and fire
Share my bread
Walk in my spirit
Spread my fire
I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, Saviour of the world
Drink of my love and share me

Clare Haddad 2006


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