The All Saints’ Photobook

As the blog entries on this web-site show, the activities that go on at All Saints’ are many and varied. And online, it’s just a 50-day snapshot. If the walls of the church could speak, just think how many things they could tell us about everything that has happened in the last 50 years!

As part of the celebrations, I have been compiling a photobook that chronicles, in picture form, the life of the church and its congregation, from the laying of the foundation stone on April 15th 1967 to the present day.

The book will contain both images and historical reminiscences, with an introduction by Beverly and edited highlights from Mike Woodcock’s researches into the early history of the church. For by far the larger part of this period, there was no concept of an “official church photo archive” and so I am also indebted to a number of people who have graciously allowed me to include photographs from their private collections.

Before the start of the 50 days, I got together a first draft of the book – just to give a flavour of what the finished item might look like. This has been sitting at the back of the church, or has been on the “memorabilia stall” for you to look at.

Now I need your help …

* Please let me know if there are aspects of church life you think are missing from the current version and should be in there.
* Do get in touch if you have any interesting photos.

* And tell me if you have any memories of All Saints’ that you would like me to include.

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that some of the text is in Latin. No, I’m not going mad! This is a standard convention among publishers. This “placeholder” text gives us a quick way of “making up” some paragraphs that we haven’t written yet and allows us to get a good feel for what the pages will look like at the end.

Can you help to write something? I am very interested in contributions to the text as well as photos. Do you remember a particular incident, or, perhaps, something that used to happen regularly at All Saints’? Something that will give today’s parishioners a glimpse of the history that they now are part of?

After the Pentecost service and Hog Roast on 4 June, our celebrations will come to their official end, but that will be a signal for me to get busy again. I’ll take everything that you send me, give it all a good stir, and out of the mix will come the final version of the book. This will be available to order, in both a paperback and hardback version, with prices starting at around £15.

Before the rise of the Internet, there was little thought to the need for obtaining permissions before using church-related images. Nowadays, of course, the landscape is rather different. For reasons of both safeguarding and privacy – as well as simple politeness – we would like to ask you for explicit permission before we reproduce any photos in which you (or any under-18 children of yours) may feature.

Do come and talk to me if you are at all concerned, and don’t feel under any pressure to be included. There won’t be any “embarrassing” pictures, but if you don’t want to appear, we will either replace the photo with something different, or if you are part of a large group, then we will digitally alter the photo so that you can’t be identified. There is currently no intention to distribute any of the material electronically or place it online.

Above all, simply enjoy the opportunity to reflect on 50 years of witness by the wonderful congregation of All Saints’.

Best wishes,

Simon Doran


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