One Today!

Written on Sunday 20th May

Today we had a very special Messy Church – our first birthday! A year ago we started holding a monthly Messy Church, tentatively wondering how many people might come. We’re now a year on and are confident of getting 50 to 60 people through the doors.

For our birthday, we thought a social event would be a treat for everyone and so we had a BBQ and a play on the field. Goodness, how we were blessed by the weather! After the rain yesterday, today was blue skies and warm sunshine. The children played football, hockey and climbed on frames! The adults might’ve done some of that too, but seemed to prefer chatting on the blankets and having a glass of Pimm’s. Many times I heard “Oooh, my first Pimm’s of the year”  – it was mine too!

Before our food, Cally led us in giving thanks, not only for the food, but for the friendships and good times that Messy Church has given us – and for the fabulous weather too.

As we’re back round to summer months, the Dads are wielding the BBQ tongs and we’re very grateful to Rob for his expert burger flipping. Eve did fried onions that Annie would be proud of! For our dessert we were treated with Lorna’s 1st Birthday cupcakes, Ellie’s lemon cake and Cally’s fantastic Messy Church birthday cake.

Cally has been the driving force behind our year of Messy Church, backed by a team of capable and willing helpers. It was very apt that Pippa specifically thanked Cally and presented her with some flowers. I can’t name all our helpers, but we are certainly blessed to have a team with such a rich mix of skills. We have those whose ‘craftiness’ knows no bounds, those who can run scientific experiments, those who can build mansions from boxes, those who can cook and those who can lead fun and inspiring worship. And of course we all do it with a huge dose of messiness! Here’s to another exciting year of Messy Church and our 2nd birthday. You never know …. there may be more Pimm’s….




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