Men’s Lunch Group


Written on Friday 26th May

Today the Group was due to have its second lunch meeting of the year. However, our external caterer requires there to be at least 15 “lunchers” and, sadly, we could not reach that minimum this time. So we missed out on Steak & Mushroom Pie and Jam Roly Poly but, given the weather, this was probably for the best.

All was not lost as a few of us still met for a “bring your own sandwiches” and enjoy a glass of wine meal. Seven of us ate al fresco and had a wide ranging chat over lunch. No photos were taken but the “magnificent seven” were David, Tony, Robin, Peter H, Bernard, Richard P and Mike W. I suppose men seated round a table enjoying bread and wine does have a theological ring to it.
One question that arose in our discussion was what happened to the church field from the time of erecting the old church to the building of the current church. Was it used by the church or just disused land – anybody know?I had planned to have a quiz based on events in April/May/June 1967. Not only because of our 50 years celebrations but as the older you get you appear to be able to recall things from a long time ago but not what you had for breakfast! However, as we were so engaged I did not need to use it. So I am setting it out below so everybody can have a go. It is split up into sections.


1. Which famous European statesman died on 19 April?
2. Who was stripped of his world title on 28 April?
3. Who was Prime Minister in 1967 and who was Leader of the Opposition?
4. Who was Archbishop of Canterbury?
5. Which former dictator’s daughter defected to the USA on 21 April?
6. On 10 May which top pop group had 3 of its members arrested on drug charges?
7. Who returned to the UK on 28 May after sailing around the world?
8. Which future pope was made a cardinal on 29 May?
9. Who opened their Apple Store in 1967?
10. On 15 April which world cup winning team lost its unbeaten record, to whom and by what score?
11. Which football team won the Division 1 title and who was runner up?
12. Which 2 team were relegated from Division 1?
13. Which team won the FA cup and who did they beat by what score?
14. Which county won the cricket county championship and who was runner up?
15. Which county won cricket’s Gillette Cup?
16. Who were the men’s and ladies singles tennis champions at Wimbledon? 
17. Which country won rugby’s 5 Nations championship?
18. Which Scottish Football club achieved success in a European final and which one did not?
19. On 10 April which film won best picture oscar?
20. 2 British citizens won oscars for best actor and actress- who were they?
21. Which film was best picture at the BAFTAS and who won best actor in it and what relation was he to the oscar best actress?
22. Which comedy star won best TV actor BAFTA?
23. Which winning Eurovision song went to nurmber one, sung by whom?
24. Which soundtrack album was top of the charts?
25. What were the top TV programmes – think of Bruce Forsyth, Raymond Francis, Pat Phoenix, Michael Miles and Stratford Johns.
26. Who wrote these popular books – Where Eagles Dare, Rosemary’s Baby, Death of a President ? 
27. Which country suffered a military takeover on 21 April?
28. On 11 May which 3 countries applied to join the EEC?
29. Where in England was there an air disaster on 4 June in which all 72 passengers and crew were killed?

30. Which war began on 5 June?

Try answering it without going online!

Richard P

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